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Client Testimonials

Mike is the owner of Alumicare and he is a great person to work with. I was planning to put up my house for sale and need all the eavestroughs and soffit cleaned from the grime and dirt, tiger lines, removed and wanted my aluminum to look new again. I had about 270 ft of aluminum to clean and it was not cleaned for 14 years. Mike and his crew came on time and finished the work just like they said they would. Very professional workers and were careful not to damage any of your plants. They even went the extra mile and removed any leaves in the eavestrough. This work required a lot of elbow grease and these young guys did an amazing job, the aluminum looked like it was just installed brand new. We were stunned at clean it looked. Don't know what cleaning agents they used but whatever it was they did a fabulous job. Would recommend them to anyone.


                                                                                                       - Mr. E. Tacconelli in Etobicoke

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